Mental Health Care in Canada

Sexual Assault, Abuse and Mental Health

What Is Sexual Abuse & Assault?  Shame, guilt, embarrassment, sadness, disgust, fear, mistrust, anger, powerlessness and anxiety are only a few of the countless emotions that sexually abused and assaulted survivors are made to live with.  Sexual abuse and assault … Continue reading →

Expressive Arts Therapy & Complex Mental Health

Expressive Arts Therapy Expressive Arts Therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes and embraces the energy of the arts in its many forms. It provides an inroad to understanding ourselves from a subconscious and intuitive place. With the guidance … Continue reading →

An Introduction to ACT

Today, we have a guest post from our PMVC member Dr. Jennifer Barbera. In this post, Dr. Barbera gives us an introduction to ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We would like to thank Dr. Barbera for contributing to the … Continue reading →

Trauma and its Inevitable Effect on our Lives

Today, we have a guest post from our PMVC member Natasha Huff. In this post, Natasha discusses trauma and its impact on our lives. We would like to thank Natasha for her thoughtful discussion of trauma and PTSD and for … Continue reading →

Why Collaboration for Mental Health Care Providers Has Never Been More Pressing

The mental health care system in Ontario was flawed long before the pandemic arrived in our province. Still, this new crisis is likely to exacerbate the problem. If you are a psychotherapy professional, you’ll agree that the current mental health … Continue reading →

Building Your Therapy Practice

Psychotherapy Matters had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Eric Morris about his book “A Brief Guide To Building Your Therapy Practice.”   PM:  Tell us about yourself.   I’m originally from the Unionville/Markham area and I did my undergraduate work at Trent … Continue reading →

The Role of the Family Physician in Collaborative Mental Health Care

I really appreciate the model of collaborative care but it seems that a lot of my colleagues don’t fully understand how it works or why it’s so helpful.  In this blog I’ll talk about how the family physician can benefit … Continue reading →

Last Minute Cancellations Part 2

In an earlier blog, I wrote about last-minute cancellations.  One of our readers asked for some tips on practical things we can do to deal with this issue. In this blog, I’ll give you my thoughts about how to address … Continue reading →

Therapeutic Alliance

The therapeutic alliance is something that we need to pay more attention to. In my mind, it’s the foundation of any successful psychotherapy. When a client and a therapist have a good alliance, it can facilitate a lot of positive … Continue reading →

Good News for Psychotherapy in Ontario

This month, the office of Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced that Ontario will support initiatives to improve access to psychotherapy in the province.  This means $140 million over three years and additional $50 million yearly … Continue reading →