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When you become a member of the Psychotherapy Matters community, you become an integral part of revolutionizing access to quality mental health care in Ontario. Our model of collaborative care enables therapists, primary care physicians and psychiatrists to work together seamlessly.

Every membership includes:

  • *Access to Collaborative Care: Keep clients in your circle of care with access to psychiatric support, when necessary (*requires training and accreditation for a one-time fee of $200).
  • An online directory listing: Our directory makes it simpler for local clients, physicians, and referral sources to connect with therapists.
  • Practice support: Your practice receives better security, shared decision-making, and increased support and resources for challenging client cases.
  • Improved quality of care: Your clients save excess travel and multiple practitioner visits.
  • Access to supervision: Collaborative supervision services are available.
  • Marketing support: Access to joint marketing and practice exposure via social media, collaborative blog submissions, and email campaigns.
  • Educational resources: We offer free provider resources such as Collaborative Care Conferences, therapy tools, and practice resources.
  • Newsletters: Keep up to date with Psychotherapy Matters mental health care initiatives and program information.

$49 monthly membership fee

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We believe that every therapist has unique talents.
Psychotherapy Matters connects your talents to your right clients, colleagues and community of collaborating professionals.

Why choose Psychotherapy Matters?


Engage with the right clients

The easier you are to find, the more people you can help. The PM Virtual Collaboration allows you to expand your practice and stay engaged with complex clients.


Connect to the community

The PM Virtual Collaboration connects you to psychiatrists and primary care physicians. Use advanced search to network with mental health practitioners.

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Affordable marketing

Our competitive rate takes your marketing to the next level for less than $2/day. That makes us a smart business choice.

Do you represent a multiple service provider clinic or program?
Simply select the Clinic/institution/group listing type in the application.