Searching for Couple/Relationship Therapy

This blog post will help you learn more about Couple/Relationship Therapy.

Here are 5 fast facts:

1.  Your therapist provides a safe, confidential and supportive setting to help you address the issues in your relationship and to create greater understanding.

2.  During therapy you will learn how to mange conflict more skillfully, especially when you feel stuck.

3.  Therapy provides an opportunity to keep conflict discussions relatively calm even when communicating about painful problems.

4.  Whether you are in crisis or struggling with a longstanding difficulty, therapy will help you to work towards improvement in terms of respect, affection, closeness and problem-solving.

5.  Therapy can be directed towards preparation for and enhancement of commitment. In situations of irreconcilable differences, therapy can help to guide “amicable” separation.

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One response to Searching for Couple/Relationship Therapy

  1. When you are not mentally in the right place, you tend to make wrong decisions. And, when you are going through a tough marriage or relationship, you actually start blaming yourself, which can make things worse.

    A psychotherapist is a big help in this regard. You correctly mentioned in the blog that it provides the support that is needed to sail through the waves and, of course you do get to know yourself in a much better way.

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