Art Therapy: A Path to Resolution

Process in art is accomplished by allowing the inner world

to express itself through the use of colours and space.

Initially, there may be some caution and exploration,

suggested by the light colours.


As one proceeds, there is greater depth and courage.

Feelings that have gone buried, with some perseverance, emerge.


The process is fluid and can be done in steps,

as in separate sessions or in one session.

Consciously, change is the intended destination.

The unconscious, through manipulation of colour and space, makes it happen.


Thus art-making

causes unconscious, buried material to rise to the surface, and

brings about resolution.

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Anna Sousa
Anna Sousa

Anna is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists and the Ontario and Canadian Art Therapy Associations. Her casual and gentle approach is compassionate and caring. She works from the understanding that the therapist’s job is to create the alliance that helps bring awareness to the surface so that people can heal themselves.

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