The Practice of Psychotherapy

Why I Became a Gestalt Therapist

During my training for the Masters’ Degree in counseling I read a weighty textbook about different psychotherapies.  One chapter described an exchange between a Gestalt therapist and his client. The client, Ken, was in his late-40s, depressed, and had a … Continue reading →

The Parent’s Job

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but there should really be a qualifying asterisk at the end of that sentence that reads: The most crucial person in that village is the parent. Parent counseling is very … Continue reading →

Psychotherapy Leaders: Dr. Giorgio Tasca on Clinician-Informed Psychotherapy Research

Foreword by the Editor of the Psychotherapy Matters Blog: Giorgio Tasca, Ph.D., C. Psych. is a compassionate believer in evidence-based and accessible psychotherapeutic care for all who need it. He is the Research Director of the Centre for Eating Disorders … Continue reading →

EMDR Therapy from a Therapist’s Perspective

I have been working as a clinical social worker specializing in psychotherapy for 35 years.  My work is a large part of me.  It has defined me for a very long time.​  To this day it continues to give me … Continue reading →

Working with couples who have concerns about intimacy or sex in their relationship

This year marks 25 years that I have been in private practice. Part of what has maintained my passion and love for what I do is that I am never bored. Over the years, I have worked with children, teens, … Continue reading →