How To Find a Therapist

Art Therapy: A Path to the Unconscious

Feelings and perceptions are often stored in the brain in the form of images. These feelings can cause discomfort as they are buried in the unconscious for safekeeping. At times, life events in the present “kick the proverbial bucket” and feelings from the … Continue reading →

Searching for e-Therapy

This blog will help you learn more about Distance (telephone or internet) e-Therapy. Here are 5 fast facts: 1.  Your psychotherapy is provided via e-mail, video, chat, voice or texting. 2.  The therapy can be just as effective as meeting in person. … Continue reading →

Searching for Couple/Relationship Therapy

This blog post will help you learn more about Couple/Relationship Therapy. Here are 5 fast facts: 1.  Your therapist provides a safe, confidential and supportive setting to help you address the issues in your relationship and to create greater understanding. … Continue reading →

20 Reasons for Ambivalence in Psychotherapy

Everyone comes to therapy at different levels of readiness to change their behaviour.  The first step in therapy is often to explore your conflicting feelings about change.  The list that follows will help you to start thinking about the sources of your … Continue reading →

The Parent’s Job

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but there should really be a qualifying asterisk at the end of that sentence that reads: The most crucial person in that village is the parent. Parent counseling is very … Continue reading →

The Role Parents Can Play in Youth Psychotherapy

Recovery from psychological suffering may be slow and tumultuous for both youth and their families. As a social worker who helps youth over 16 years of age, I’ve often encountered the difficult struggles of parents trying to take a more … Continue reading →