Submit a blog article

Why Submit a Blog Article?

Submit a blog article to us, we’ll post it to our site, and you can post a link to it on your site. We in turn post these to our social media sites, and these get shared by other mental health organizations or people who like what you say and want to share it on their sites. If you have something you’re passionate about and would like to submit a blog post, contact with your post and she’ll help you get set up to contribute. Also, any links to your site and to our site that are out there rate both us and you higher in search engines (SEO). You want people to find you both on our site and on your own site, so this works well to increase findability.

Can’t Get Started?

Read this: Why Don’t Counselors Blog More?
Be sure to watch the video How to Write a Blog Post, and, if you don’t have a site with a blog, you can post your blog with us. “The bottom line: Blogging helps you find the right kind of clients.”

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