PMVC Requirements


Verification and Registration

In order for us to verify your profile and to enrol in the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic, we need to know if you are a regulated professional with membership in one of the following Colleges:

Psychotherapy Matters verifies those who are qualified to provide psychotherapy, and the “Verified” logo lets clients know you are. We’ll provide the “Verified” badge and move to the next step of enrolling you in the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic once you’re registered with your professional College.

If you’re not registered with a professional College, you will still benefit from many of our invaluable services, including:

If you’re in the process of becoming a member of a professional College or working under supervision, you can still join as long as your supervisor is physically present in the room for the consultation, and your supervisor also has been enrolled in the PMVC.

Once you do become registered, be sure to let us know as soon as possible, and update your profile as well with the information.

System Requirements

In order to participate in client/provider/psychiatrist consultations, your system must be able to use the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) videoconferencing platform. A poor quality transmission will be an adverse experience for all involved, so we recommend you upgrade where necessary. You’ll need access to a system with a working camera and microphone (either built-in or external devices), good internet speed and Firefox or Internet Explorer. See the two links below for in-depth details:

Client/Provider Relationship

In order to request a referral, you must have completed your own assessment and seen the client at least once. Any important history including medication lists should be provided to the psychiatrist before the actual day of the consultation. This information can be completed on the Psychiatric Consultation Referral Form (available via the PMVC Portal), and any other information that would be helpful transmitted as well.

To send the information, email it to

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