Tanya Kowalenko

Tanya Kowalenko

Registered Psychotherapist · GIT Dipl (Gestalt Institute of Toronto, 2019)

Member of College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)

Psychotherapy Provider (Registered Psychotherapist)
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Many of my clients come to therapy feeling stuck, lost, disconnected from themselves, their bodies, and other people, the feelings are too much, they are overwhelmed and wanting to find a way out of the muck.

We say in Gestalt therapy that it is through relationship with others that we find ourselves.

So that’s where we start. Instead of trying to change you, fix you, or pull you out of the muck, I meet you there. From this starting point, therapy with me then becomes the playground in which we can explore the ‘muck’ – your stuck patterns, symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and body sensations – all with the aim of raising awareness and allowing new possibilities for being in your body, in relationship and in the world to emerge.

In this playground, we will go beyond just talking ‘about’ stuff. We’ll listen to and explore the “unspoken voice” of your body and creatively explore what’s emerging in the present moment. Explorations can include art, metaphor, writing, movement, visualization, play, psychodrama, dream work, etc.

Together we can work with ‘unfinished business’ from the past, trauma stored in the body and the ways you learned to adapt, to discover what your symptoms are saying about what you need now.

Primary Practice Location

Tanya Kowalenko Psychotherapy

Peterborough, Ontario K9H3M2

Phone: (647) 783-9107


Extended office hours: evenings

Website: https://tanyakowalenko.ca/ (opens in new tab)

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