Lalia Palacio

Lalia Palacio

Master of Social Work · Master's (University of Toronto, 2008)

Psychotherapy Provider (Social worker (clinical)) and Complementary/Alternative Service (Meditation instructor)
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Member of Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW)

Issues and Areas:

I know the strength & courage it takes to acknowledge something in your life just isn't working & embark on a journey of self-discovery & personal growth. My practice is supportive, responsive, compassionate, and empowering. I work with a diverse group of adults, who are facing various life difficulties:

-Childhood and inter-personal trauma
-Borderline personality features
-Low self-esteem
-Limiting thought patterns
-Unhealthy behaviors (e.g., self-neglect, avoidance, perfectionism, fighting reality & non-acceptance)
-Grief and loss
-Relationship issues (e.g., infidelity, separation, divorce, emotional distance, communication barriers, distrust)
-Family challenges (e.g., blended family adjustments, domestic violence, parent-child relationship problems)
-Peer and work relationship issues
-Life transitions
-Health challenges (e.g., chronic illness & chronic pain)
-Financial difficulties
-Work and school stress (e.g., work/school-life imbalance, performance anxiety, high pressures, difficulty prioritizing)


As an integrative therapist I draw from several evidence-based treatment approaches to meet your unique characteristics, preferences, needs and goals. I know one treatment doesn’t work for all individuals, problems, and contexts. I have extensive experience incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), concurrent disorders treatment, relational therapy, and insight oriented and trauma therapy into a personalized care plan, so you can overcome challenges and make positive lasting change like:

-Have greater self-awareness
-Feel more safe & in control of your life
-Enhance your self-care, while balancing your commitment to others
-Affirm your self-worth & improve your self-esteem & self-confidence
-Develop greater self-compassion
-Feel more whole & authentic
-Live more in the present & less in the past or future
-Gain clarity and perspective
-Lessen confusion & improve decision-making
-Take actions that bring you closer to the people & experiences that matter
-Improve emotion regulation & feel calmer
-Improve communication & resolve conflict
-Deepen intimacy & commitment
-Develop healthier family dynamics
-Learn healthy way to cope with major life change & thrive on new experiences
-Realize your full potential
-Create a life worth living

About me

I’m a Registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW) with a clinical practice based in mid-town Toronto, Ontario (Yonge and Eglinton). I obtained a BA (Hons.) degree and a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in Adult Mental Health and Addiction Studies. I am an accredited member of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the Association of Ontario Social Workers (OASW). I have my certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and am completing an advanced training program in Traumatic Stress Studies.
I have worked at Women's College Hospital & the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and in private practice for over 11 years, supporting individuals with a wide range of issues at every life stage. My practice is strength based, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, LBGTQ+ supportive, and anti-oppressive.

Primary Practice Location

Lalia Palacio, Psychotherapy Services
421 Eglinton Avenue West 2nd Floor, Unit 5B
Toronto, Ontario M5N1A4

Phone: (437) 776-1830


Extended office hours: weekends


Years of Experience



Other Memberships:
-Member in Good Standing with the Ontario Association of Social Workers #336

Awards & Recognitions:
-2019 Interdisciplinary Award in Program Excellence, WCH
-2016 Social Work Award in Clinical Excellence, CAMH
-2011 Recipient of Edward W.H. Tremain Memorial Award of Excellence, CAMH
-2011 Social Work Recognition Award Nominee, CAMH

Continuing Education:
-Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies, 2018-2019 (on-going). The Trauma Center, founded by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
-Emotion-Focused Therapy, 2019. University of Toronto, Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D.
-Accredited Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Facilitator, 2018. Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. Mindfulness Mentor was Trish Maygari (specializing in trauma-informed mindfulness).
-Shame and Self-Loathing in the Treatment of Trauma, 2017. Janina Fisher, Ph.D.
-The Healing Dyad: Relational Work with Trauma in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, 2016. Sue Anne Piliero, PhD.
-Asking the Right Questions: Talking with Clients About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Mental Health, Counselling and Addiction Settings, 2016. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
-Treatment of Psychological Trauma Certifications I and II, 2015 – 2016. Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital.
-Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma & Self-Harm, 2015. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
-Concurrent Disorders 3 Day Workshop, 2015. Fred Victor Centre.
-Interactions between Psychiatric Medications and Other Substances, 2014. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
-Motivational Interviewing I and II, 2014. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
-Best Practices: CBT for Depression and Suicide, 2013. Christine Padesky, PhD.
-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 2009. Toronto Western Hospital, Steven C. Hayes, PhD.
-Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, 2009. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

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