Gerry Philipps-Gange

Gerry Philipps-Gange

Registered Psychotherapist · Master's (Adler University)

Psychotherapy Provider (Registered Psychotherapist)
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Member of College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO)

I've been assisting clients and their families for over 20 yrs in both the public and private sector. I am best described as an integrative psychotherapist who utilizes numerous therapeutic techniques to assist adult clients with difficulties of thinking, feeling and behaving. Having been trained in a Psychoanalytic modality I also use: Mindfulness based approaches; progressive relaxation exercises; Narrative therapy interventions; two-chair techniques and role play; guided/self-guided visualizations; Cognitive behavioural approaches and systematic desensitization/graduated exposure exercises as required.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one I have a lot of experience leading group programs on substance abuse and recovery, concurrent disorders, group psychotherapy and anger management counselling.

I also provide weekly anger management groups with a co-therapist.

Primary Practice Location

The old Garment Factory
181 Carlaw Avenue Suite 211
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1

Phone: (647) 494-3304

Fax: (647) 494-3309


Extended office hours: evenings, weekends


Success Story

Rec'd from a client June 2015

Hey Gerry

I know I've already told you how much better, stronger and mature I feel after our sessions and am well aware that I will be going through future ups and downs but I just want to reiterate how much I appreciate our talks.

Most of my problems stemmed from people thinking my philosophies and perspective of the world are wrong or bad or evil or whatever - but knowing there's at least one person out there who gets it is more comforting than words can explain.

You're definitely one of the smartest dudes I've ever met and I look forward to my period of growth and applying the new, solidified knowledge I have of myself and what makes me tick to future problems that will arise.

Today's session was a perfect season finale to whatever comes ahead in our next groupings however far down the road.

Also, you have a wonderful family and I really appreciate you sharing that with me. What's talked about in the office stays in the office.


Years of Experience



Member NASAP
Member CAPT
Member: Canadian Psychological association
Affiliate: AAMFT/OAMFT

Continuing Education:
Advanced Crisis intervention and Counselling program (humber college)
Professional Growth & Counselling (Canadian Training Institute)
Assessing and treating the Depressed Client (CAMH)
Basics in Group Dynamics & process (CGPA)
The essential skills of Group Work (Lawrence Shulman, M.S.W.,Ed.D)
Uncomplicated look at Concurrent Disorders (Wayne Gray, CMHA)
Addictions – An Adlerian approach (Wes Wingett, Ph.D.)
Borderline Personality disorder & Depression (Dr. Michael Rosenbluth)
Suicide Assessment & Screening Risk (Dr. Isaac Sakinofsky)
The effects of trauma on the self (Bessel van der Kolk, MD)
Gender Issues in Psychotherapy with the medically ill (Dr. J. Leserman, Dr. E. Kaschak, Dr. A. Frank)
Psychopharmacology (Athabaska University)
Spirituality, Diversity and Mental Health (K.Kinoshita, T.McCullum, M. AbdurRashid Taylor)
Workplace Mental Health (Dr. Ash Bender)
Working with Diverse families: Empowering, thriving, and surviving (Dr. Cecille Rousseau)
Bipolar affective disorder (Dr. D. Gratzer)
Recovery from major mental illnesses: Art or Science (Dr. Thomas Choy)
Asperger’s disorder (Dr. David Ng)
Suicide assessment in the Real world (K. Lorbers, D.Gratzer)
Work Place Violence: An overview (Dr. Maurice Siu)
Managing patients with Dual diagnosis
Seasonality & Seasonal Major depressive Disorder: A clinical & research update (Dr.Robert Levitan)
Update on the Management of Obsessive Compulsive disorder (Dr. Peggy Richter)
The epidemiology and assessment of suicide risk (Dr. Stephen Barsky)
Mind/Body connections:The long-term health effects of trauma (Dr. Jane Leserman)

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