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PM Newsletter, Issue 5: August 5, 2016

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What has PM been up to?

  • Recent membership statistics: 133 qualified therapists in 45 different cities/towns. We're now province-wide, and we're growing daily.
  • Welcome to the 15 new members who signed up in July!

Focus on Provider Resources

We're building out a new area on our website to help you find things better, and to help your practice. It's called the Provider Resources (login required) area, and it has information about the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic, the forms you'll need, marketing resources, and links to our past newsletters. We'll be adding to this area and letting you know about any new material and information via this newsletter. Upcoming plans include medication information, a forum for all providers to network including an "Ask a Psychiatrist" section, and more articles and best practices to help you build and grow your practice.

Important to note: From time to time, our forms for consults and follow-ups may change. It would be good practice to go to the Forms section in Provider Resources and download the latest version each time.

What's next?

  • Next week: a focus on blogs. Writing blogs can drive up your SEO and help potential clients learn more about you and your services. If you don't have one on your site, you can submit articles to our blog. We publish out to our social media outlets like Facebook and G+ so more people see them. There will be some great info on how to get started if you're leery of writing your first blog article in next week's issue.
  • More information sessions coming in August – tell a friend! Check out the Events page for the dates and times.
  • Send in any ideas you have to help develop our collaboration of mental health professionals work better for you! – we'd love to hear from you!

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