What is Group Therapy?

1.  Your therapy will usually include 6 or more participants meeting weekly to help themselves and each other.

2.  Groups are constructed, as much as possible, to eliminate social and status “games” and allow people to be honest with each other. The group likely incorporates one or more psychotherapy approaches

3.  We live and work in groups (everything from family to friends to our jobs) and group therapy is a safe and confidential setting to explore our difficulties and learn about ourselves and how we relate to others.

4.  Your reasons for not considering group therapy might provide clues about the issues that could most productively be addressed in a group (for example: shame, anxiety, feelings of social inadequacy or difficulty relating to others).

5.  You will benefit from self-discovery, learning to express yourself, recognition that you are not alone, giving and receiving support and honest feedback and the feeling of belonging.