Transforming Mental Health Care

What we do

Virtual Clinic

Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic (PMVC) offers cutting-edge, collaborative mental health care, providing the right help matched to your need. PMVC means faster access to the best care for everyone in Ontario:

Medical referrals

Family doctors refer their patients to a trusted network of PMVC Therapy Providers linked to Psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists

Psychiatrists (MDs who can prescribe medications) and Therapists (qualified allied professionals) connect using secure videoconferencing.

Team-based care

Clients and their families have access to timely support and a circle of care. Family Doctor, Therapist and Psychiatrist are on the same page.

Search for a therapist

Search our comprehensive and unbiased directory of therapy providers. Let us help you find the best match for you.

Don’t know where to start?

Use our online resources to learn more about mental health issues. Discover the types of therapy available to you.

PMVC offers a free, confidential telephone assessment to help you start your search.

Phone (toll free): 1 800 254-1235


Do you provide psychotherapy or mental health services?

You can join the team and help to transform mental health care in Ontario.

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