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Do you have a problem related to sexual functioning or gender identity?

Sexuality or sexual difficulties

“Optimal” sexual functioning is in the eye of the beholder. What one person may consider healthy sexual activity, another may find disturbed or deviant. The wide range of “normal” sexual activity is not only influenced by age, culture and religious background but often changes over time.

You may have problems with the phases of sexual function: desire, arousal, orgasm or resolution. For example, lack of interest in sex, problems with getting an erection or becoming lubricated, delayed or premature orgasm and pain or spasms that are persistent and cause distress for you or your partner.

You may be troubled by fantasies or situations way out of the ordinary, or be attracted to sexual acts that are illegal or dangerous to yourself or others.

You may feel that nature made a mistake in the assignment of your gender and find your body repulsive. You wish that you could switch genders or not be forced to fit into any particular gender.

  • Each person with sexual difficulties or gender issues has unique characteristics and should be thoroughly assessed.
  • Every individual with sexual difficulties or gender issues would benefit from connecting with a skilled psychotherapist.

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