Mark Weitz MSW, RSW

Mark Weitz MSW, RSW

Owner and Psychotherapist - Mark Weitz Counselling Services · Master's (University of Toronto, 2001)

Psychotherapy Provider (Social worker (clinical)) and Complementary/Alternative Service (Case management and health system navigation)
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Member of Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW)

I am a licensed social worker with 18 years of clinical practice involving individual counselling for adults and seniors, caregiving counselling, case management and health system navigation. I use an integrative approach combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, problem-solving, mindfulness and compassion-based principles. I am also currently completing a 10-week course in Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Over the course of my academic and professional work I have developed caregiver counselling as a specialty within my practice and for these clients I have provided general social work, counselling (individual sessions and support groups) as well as case management to both care receivers and caregivers who are experiencing challenges with living. My case management work, both in the public and private sectors, has involved assisting clients with planning and implementing services for home care, respite care, retirement homes/assisted living and transitioning to nursing homes. I am well-versed in the ethics of substitute decision making and have conducted (and mentored health care professionals) many capacity evaluations for long-term care.

Primary Practice Location

Mark Weitz Counselling Services
134 Vanguard Road
Concord, Ontario L4K 5G7

Phone: (647) 200-8786 ext. 6472008786


Extended office hours: evenings, weekends


Success Story

"Joel" (not a real client) contacted me to help him with worsening anxiety and worry, an issue that was previously diagnosed as General Anxiety Disorder. Joel's anxiety/worrying had reached a point where it was interfering with his work life and marriage and he was also beginning to show signs of depression. Joel and I worked collaboratively to deal with his worrying as a behavior that could be modified with both mindfulness (i.e., learning to accept, notice and pay attention to the worry behavior non-judgmentally) and cognitive behavioral techniques. In a few short months Joel developed the ability to be aware of his worrying and make the choice to decrease the amount of time and energy he put into it. At the same time, Joel was able to learn that his worrying was based on faulty assumptions and ideas that used to convince him he was stuck and powerless to change what he perceived as unmanageable problems at work and in his marriage. He learned to take a more balanced view of his life situation and was able to develop more effective ways (e.g., problem solving, acceptance, healthy perspective taking) to view and work with his issues. Joel's biggest accomplishment in therapy was to realize that he did not have to believe the old, anxious thoughts and could instead choose to focus on his ability to cope with change and use healthier ways to view and work with life's challenges.

Years of Experience



Member of Ontario Association of Social Workers, completed updated training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with The Beck Institute, Excellence in Case Management Award (formerly with the Toronto Central Community Care Access Center, 2011), and currently enrolled in a 10-week course for Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) with ACT co-founder/psychologist, Dr. Steven Hayes.

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