The Mindfulness Clinic

The Mindfulness Clinic

Clinic — Psychotherapy Provider (Psychologist Licensed, Registered Psychotherapist, Social worker (clinical))

If you are looking for a psychotherapist, let us help. We make it simple and easy for you. When you talk with our intake team, they will take time to understand your problems and goals. Then, they will recommend a therapist who would be a good fit for your needs and preferences. (If we do not have the right therapist for you, we will tell you, and help you find what you need.) You can do research about our therapists by checking their videos on our website. See you who like. We have a team of over 30 therapists including Registered Psychotherapists, Social Workers and Psychologists. We offer all of the best modern types of psychotherapy. We can also help you learn mindfulness skills.


We offer individual psychotherapy treatment. We have thearpists who have been trained in all of the modern, evidences-based psychotherapy approaches including CBT, EMDR, and marriage counselling. If you want mindfulness training we can provide it. If you want effective therapy but don't care about mindfulness, we can still help you. We also offer several group programs including: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), a Social Anxiety Group, and a Mindful Self Compassion Group.

Primary Practice Location

The Mindfulness Clinic
700 Bay Street 2200
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z6

Phone: (416) 847-7118

Fax: (416) 597-9087


Extended office hours: evenings, weekends


Success Story

Dr. Kelly, our Founder, is passionate about making sure that you get help from an effective therapist. Fewer than 5% of the therapists who have applied to work at our Clinic were proved effective enough to hire and keep on our team. You can trust that all of our therapists are effective. How can you know? Ratings from over 7,500 patients and 31,000 therapy sessions confirm it. Almost 80% of our patients have fully recovered or significantly improved. How are we so good? We track your progress every session. So, if things get off track, we can catch it and fix it early. We will not waste your time, energy or money.

get matched up with an effective therapist - with someone who is a good fit for your needs and preferences.

Additional Language Competency

Croatian, French, German, Hebrew, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Serbian, Spanish, Urdu


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