Michael Cogan

Michael Cogan

Therapist in training · Bachelor's (London Metropolitan University)

Psychotherapy Provider (Other)

I am a Therapist in Training and in my fifth and final year at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I am therefore offering discounted rates right now. (Please enquire).

I offer psychotherapy to clients who may feel weighed down by day to day problems or who feel blocked from moving forward or who have relationship difficulties.

I will listen to your concerns and together will co-create a deepened awareness of your situation in a non-judgemental safe environment. In this environment you and I will be able to explore how you may have adapted in ways that both provide shelter from pain but that may hinder growth at the same time. I also believe that when the individual has noticed and accepted behaviours that may cause problems they then have a choice as to whether they want to risk small changes and new ways of adapting that may bring more fulfilment.

Primary Practice Location

Allofyou Wellness
65, Wellesley St East Suite 402
Toronto, Ontario M4Y1G7

Phone: (416) 876-8137


Extended office hours: evenings, weekends


Membership: CAPT / member644
Member Since: 2017

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