Newsletter – Issue 11: October 21, 2016 – Focus on Evidence Informed Collaborative Care

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PM Newsletter, Issue 11: October 21, 2016

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Focus on Evidence Informed Collaborative Care

If we’re talking about best practices for mental health care – collaborative care is the best practice! And by being a member with us here at Psychotherapy Matters and using the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic, you are already implementing best practices in your client care. There are many studies backing up the fact that collaborative mental health care benefits clients enormously. Below is a summary of a review from a study from Evidence-Based Mental Health:

Evidence Based Mental Health

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety. These problems can make people feel sad, scared and even suicidal, and can affect their work, their relationships and their quality of life. Depression and anxiety can occur because of personal, financial, social or health problems…. [read more….]

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Another one of our members, Trish Pauls from Waterloo, has contributed an excellent blog post on The 7 Signs of Unhealthy Anxiety. Be sure to read it, and post any comments you may have. If you’d like to contribute a blog post, please contact us at Our members are from all over Ontario and have varied knowledge and experience. We’d like you to share yours!

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