Partner with Psychotherapy Matters

Improve Your Services with Psychotherapy Matters

When you partner with the Psychotherapy Matters platform, you become an integral part of revolutionizing access to quality mental health care in Canada. Our model of collaborative care enables therapists, primary care physicians, psychiatrists and your team to work together seamlessly.

Psychotherapy Matters is a collaborative care system that connects qualified therapists and psychiatrists to your team for the best collaborative mental health care. The best care includes collaboration between psychiatrists (medically trained specialists) and therapists and nurses (mental health professionals who can provide talk therapy and support services).

At Psychotherapy Matters, we recognize that mental health affects many aspects of life, community and even the workplace. We partner with organizations like yours to bring access to psychiatric assessment and therapy for the best collaborative care without the added roadblocks of long wait times and excess travel.

Our Partnership Includes:

  • Additional mental health resources: Offer your clients mental health resources in addition to your occupational health services;
  • Timely access: Virtual psychiatric assessment via secure video conferencing.
  • True collaborative care: From psychiatric assessments to diagnosis, medication and psychotherapy, when partnering with us, you can offer true collaborative care for the best mental health and support services.
  • Ongoing support: Our collaborative team is at your fingertips to integrate psychiatric assessments, diagnosis and therapy to your organization’s services.
  • Marketing support: We will provide your team with marketing collateral to help you promote our partnership and your added mental health services.
  • Competitive Edge: Become the service of choice in the industry by offering collaborative mental health services with easier and better access to psychiatrists and therapists.

Our easy, collaborative solution provides your team with security, shared decision-making, managed risk and easy access to collaborative mental health care.

The result: Increased resources integrated with your team so you can offer better outcomes for your members and improve your services.

Improve your services and become part of our collaborative care system!